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My Favorite Producers:

Matt Darey, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Judge Jules, Filo & Peri, Agnelli & Nelson, Lange, Blank & Jones

My Current Top 10 Cds and Mixes:

1. Orange and Blue - Deep Sea Dive
2. Sasha - Involver
3. Tiesto - Just Be
4. Gatecrasher - Experience the Karma
5. Matt Darey - November mix for Electronic Groove on 88.5FM
6. Bry-N - The Alpha
7. fOndue - The Boogiewoogie
8. Chris Dautel - Southern Sessions 2
9. Habitat - Binary Fusion
10. e21 - Steve Baltes


Main Style: Uplifting Trance
Other styles: Progressive, Breakbeat, Downtempo

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Matthias is a transplant from Germany. His traveling to Germany and other countries has given him opportunities to become versatile with many different styles of music. His main love of trance and Electronica music came from the many CDs that he has collected from his European travels.

Matthias's roots as a DJ began in 1997. He first started his application of music by making soundtracks for many conventions. Seeing his ability to choose music that fit together well and that made groups of people respond to the music, he was given a chance to DJ a party for the convention. He was then later asked to DJ music for all of the East Tennessee Catholic Dioceses' conventions giving him a chance to sharpen his skills as a DJ. In the later part of 1997, Matthias set his love on a part of the DJ world, the turntable. His earlier turntable days was fueled by the Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five track, Wheels Of Steel , where he tried his hand at scratching, but his love of trance kept him from becoming a turntablist.

In 1998, Matthias soon entered the club scene in Knoxville, TN tagging with a friend of his. The duo was then contracted by The Planet , a newly established nightclub in Johnson City, TN to hold a Saturday night residency playing early dance music and hip-hop. Toward the end of 1998, Matthias moved to Cookeville, TN to start his college career. In 2000, Matthias moved to Spartanburg, SC where he frequently DJ-ed Trance, House and Top 40 type dance in a few clubs. There he obtained his first DJ name, DJ Smoke. Coming back to Cookeville in the later part of 2000, Matthias started his mobile DJ company, Smokin Sounds, where he mainly played Top 40 and Rap.

During this time, Matthias started to focus in on the Epic/Uplifting sounds of Trance and teamed up with a House DJ, DJ Ego, to develop a popular, live FM radio show, The Electronic Groove Show . Matthias and Ego have kept the Electronic Groove Show going for four years and kept the honor of being the best Friday night program. Now spinning in the Nashville area, Matthias is looking to expand into other cities to provide club goers and others a different Trance sound. “ H is sound is best described as lovely, driving, uplifting trance ,” says DJ Daddy Bob, resident of NV night club in Nashville , “ ATTENTION ALL TRANCE FANS: You definitely won't want to miss this guy's set!! ”

“I love Uplifting/Anthem Trance because of its energy and the way the tracks all tell their own story. You can always feel different emotions and generate different thoughts when listening to good Trance. I also really like the European anthem type of Trance,” he admits, “It's emotional, energetic, and influences my vision of those huge outdoor summer parties and moving those huge crowds!”

Matthias' influences come from his travels and many international deejays. Is favorite deejay is Matt Darey to which he obtains most of his inspiration. Other favorite international deejays are Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, George Acosta, Scott Bond, Matt Hardwick and Judge Jules. His favorite producers are Matt Darey, Lange, Filo & Peri, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Agnelli & Nelson, and Blank & Jones.



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